Ripple of Hope

Visitors to this website, whose primary interest is the film, should read the sections with ORANGE HEADINGS.

This section of the website –with WHITE HEADINGS– complements the film and provides a multimedia background and analysis of Robert Kennedy’s historic visit to South Africa. It also includes additional materials for those interested in this period in South African history and US-South Africa relations.

The sections include:

This is a short discussion of the background to the visit and its impact.

Robert Kennedy’s five formal speeches in South Africa.
Speeches by South African student leaders during Robert Kennedy’s visit.
Relevant American and South African speeches from this period.

Newspaper Coverage of the Visit

Coverage by the New York Times and Washington Post.
Coverage by the South African English Press.
Coverage by the Afrikaans Press.

Magazine and Newsletter Coverage of the Visit
Magazines and Newsletters.
Senator Kennedy’s article in Look Magazine, August 23rd 1966.

Cartoons of the Visit

South African cartoons about Senator Kennedy’s visit.


Robert Kennedy’s itinerary in South Africa.
NUSAS President Ian Robertson’s banning order.
Alan Paton’s Praise Song for Chief Luthuli.
Albert Luthuli and Martin Luther King’s South Africa related documents.
1960’s United Nations documents on South Africa.
1960’s United States State Department documents on South Africa.
Two magazine articles from the period.
Two journal articles about South Africa and US South Africa relations.  
1901 US House of Representatives resolution submitted by Robert Kennedy’s grandfather.

The Black Christ” Painting of Chief Luthuli.
History of Apartheid Cartoons.
Mandela/Anti-Apartheid Movement Posters.
Pre-1964 South African Anthem and ANC Anthem.
Recommended Websites.
Recommended Books.

A map of South Africa highlighting Senator Kennedy’s trip.

Crossword Puzzle.
Educational materials for universities and colleges.
Educational materials for high schools.