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Recommended Websites


  1. The “Black Christ” Painting of Chief Luthuli
  2. History of Apartheid Cartoons
  3. Mandela/Anti-Apartheid Movement Posters
  4. Pre-1994 South African Anthem and the ANC Anthem
  5. Recommended Websites
  6. Recommended Books
This list of websites is by no means exhaustive but merely some recommendations for people seeking additional materials on South Africa history, America's relationship with South Africa and the American Civil Rights Movement. Those seeking further materials can find useful links in the Additional Websites section below. There are many excellent websites on contemporary South Africa but those listed here are intended to focus primarily on South African and American history up to the end of the 1960's. We welcome additional suggestions to add to the list.

  1. South African History
  2. Additional Websites on South Africa
  3. Websites on Important South Africans
  4. Websites on the American Civil Rights Movement
  5. Websites on Robert Kennedy