Ripple of Hope

Newspaper coverage of the visit provides an interesting window into how the visit was perceived by people in South Africa and the United States. Newspaper coverage of the visit can best be divided into three sections:

Coverage of Senator Kennedy's Visit by the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Although there was some coverage in other newspapers (and the weekly magazines did stories on the visit- see the magazine section) - the most extensive coverage of the visit by the American media was by the New York Times and the Washington Post where it received almost daily coverage and front page coverage on most of those days.

Coverage of Senator Kennedy 's visit by the South African English Press

The visit received extensive and generally positive coverage in the South African English newspapers. [Please note the 34 page special edition booklet, Robert Kennedy in South Africa, published after the visit by the Rand Daily Mail. It is #10 on the list for this section]

Coverage of Senator Kennedy's visit by the Afrikaans Press and articles about the government's response to the visit.

In contrast to the English language newspapers, the pro-government Afrikaans newspapers were very critical of Senator Kennedy. Some of the articles in this section include articles in the English press about the coverage in the Afrikaans newspapers.

[Note: Because it is not possible to get screen readable images of the original newspaper coverage, the newspaper articles in this section are reproductions of the originals. Some accomodations had to be made to layout limitations but the text is fully accurate.]