Ripple of Hope

NUSAS Newsletter No. 2 1965/1966
Senator Robert Kennedy's Visit to South Africa

TIME, June 17th, 1966
AMERICANS ABROAD; With Bobby in Darkest Africa

Newsweek, June 20th, 1966
KENNEDY IN AFRICA: A Sympathetic Chord

US News and World Report, June 20th, 1966
With Robert Kennedy In White Africa

The New Yorker, July 9th, 1966
Kennedy on Africa
This article, published shortly after Robert Kennedy's return to the US, is the only one discovered to date where Robert Kennedy is quoted talking about his South African visit.

American Committee on Africa Newsletter, July 1966
Includes a report on Robert Kennedy visit to South Africa

LOOK Magazine August 23rd, 1966
Suppose God is Black by Senator Robert F. Kennedy
This article was published by Senator Kennedy three months after his return from South Africa. It is an excellent first hand account of the visit. It is also useful for those who want more background information on South Africa in the mid-sixties. It is an excellent first hand account of the visit.

Note: Because it is not possible to get screen readable images of the original magazine articles, the articles in this section are reproductions of the originals. Some accommodations had to be made to layout issues but the text is 100 percent accurate.