Ripple of Hope

The film and website provide an excellent learning opportunity in universities, high schools and other organizations.

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Working with professors and teachers and others who have used the film and website, and Video Project our educational distributor, we will continue to extend and improve the curriculum.

We also understand that the variety of institutions and organizations that use the film and curriculum will adapt and modify it to suit their own interests. We will draw upon some of these experiences as we refine the curriculum but we also want to establish a place where these user experiences can be published online. This can include anything used- study materials, classroom activities, comments etc. Click on Case Studies below to see these.

Case Studies:
Fairfield University's use of the film

Crossword Puzzle:
Readers can test their knowledge by doing the crossword puzzle.

We welcome any comments about the film and feedback about your experiences using the film and website. Please e-mail feedback and comments to

Thanks to: John Suggs, the film's outreach director (see the Fairfield University Program in Case Studies) and Betty Kleinfeld of the Hunter College High School History Department.